Flying Books

a shared sketchbook project

Recent History

THE BIG DRAW October 2011.

An interactive exhibition of Flying Books took place in the foyer of the Friends Centre and a two day drawing event took place there on 1st and 15th October.

This project was sponsored by the Chris Field Memorial Fund and the titles of the books were around the theme of Remembering. They included:

The Book of Journeys, Memories, My War, Being a Teenager, Windows, Stories, Significant Objects, Music, Rites of Passage, Brothers and Sisters, Me, Best Days and Worst Days, Leaving, Growing Older, Health, Significant Moments, Absent Friends, Rooms, Days, Death, School, Making Do and  Mending, Secrets, Home, Sleep, War, Growing Things, Family, Attachment, Being Ten, Friends, Childhood Clothes, The Sea, Holidays, Kitchens.